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(a) Animation Programs - animation programs made for television, either as part of a series or as a one-off television special. Programs that combine live action and animation may be eligible, if the animation sequences are paramount to the enjoyment of the program.

(b) Arts Documentary * - television programs that analyze, explore or celebrate the arts, including music, dance, drama, painting and literature, etc. Eligible programs should be documentaries rather than recorded performances.

(c) Children's Programs - television programs, fiction or non-fiction that are clearly intended to entertain or inform children aged 12 years or under. Program segments are not eligible. Short dramas intended for children are eligible in this category. Animated programs should be entered in the Animation category.

(d) Comedies - programs featuring one or more characters in comic situations or predicaments. Situation comedies, comedy specials, and programs of satirical sketches are eligible. In the case of series, each episode is regarded as a single entry and assessed a separate handling fee. Program segments are not eligible.

(e) Continuing Series - television dramas, usually half-hour or one-hour weekly episodes, using recurring principal characters. Each episode is a complete story and comprehensible without reference to previous episodes. Only one episode is required. If you enter more than one episode, each episode is a separate entry and will be assessed a separate handling fee. Comedy, Children's, Family & Youth and Animation series should be entered in their respective categories. Continuing Series episodes that are longer than one hour may be eligible in the Made-for-TV Movie category.

(f) Family and Youth Programs - television programs, fiction or non-fiction, that are intended for young people, aged 13 years and up, or for viewing by the entire family. For programs that are part of a Mini-Series, see that category regarding the number of episodes to be submitted and appropriate handling fees. Short dramas intended for family and youth are eligible in this category. Program segments are not eligible. Animated programs should be entered in the Animation category.

(g) Feature Length Documentaries - any documentary television program longer than 90 minutes in length. Can cross all genres.

(h) History and Biography Programs * - non-fiction programs that focus primarily on historical documentation and analysis, including biographies of significant persons, living or dead. History and Biography programs are typically but not necessarily, constructed from archival material and/or the recollection and opinions of persons who have been witnesses to history, experts in historical analysis, or have authoritative knowledge of historically significant events in the lives of individuals, living or dead. NOTE: Depending on their emphasis, biographies of politicians, scientists, sports figures and artists may be eligible for consideration in the other relevant documentary categories.

(i) Information Programs & Current Affairs Programs - non-fiction programs or program segments such as news magazines and information magazines or extended self-contained segments of such programs. Eligible programs are characterized by the techniques of news analysis and reportage, including journalists on special assignment. Compilations, light information and "infomercials" are not eligible. Longer-form documentaries should be entered in one of the Festival's documentary categories.

(j) Lifestyle Programs - Lifestyle television programs both scripted and unscripted including food, garden, DIY, health, travel and style programs.

(k) Made-for-TV-Movies - dramas with a total running time of not less than 70 minutes and not more than 120 minutes (without commercials).

(l) Mini-Series - dramas with a total running time of more than 120 minutes (without commercials) usually presented in two or more installments that are part of a single story, with continuity of characters from episode to episode. Entire series should be submitted (only one program fee will apply). Synopsis of all episodes should be sent.

(m) Popular Science & Natural History * - documentaries that have as their primary emphasis the exploration of scientific, natural and wildlife phenomena. Programs about earth science, medical advances, and animal behavior are among those eligible in this category.

(n) Performance Programs - presentations of quailty performances by exceptional artists. Opera, dance, popular and classical music are included. The prime consideration will be the extent to which the resources of television and/or film are imaginatively and innovatively employed.

(o) Social & Political Documentaries * - documentaries dealing in a direct and enlightening manner with significant social and political issues. Programs that are only of local interest and current affairs programs that are likely to be dated at the time of the Festival should not be submitted.

(p) Sports Programs - documentaries that explore issues, activities, or personalities in the world of amateur and professional sports, indoors and outdoors; and live sports transmissions of games and matches or sports analysis programs in which the resources fo television and/or film are imaginatively and innovatively employed.

(q) Unscripted Entertainment Programs - Reality/format based television programs including docusoaps, dating, law enforcement, makeover, docusoaps starring celebrities, hidden camera, reality game shows, spoofs and talent searches. In the case of a continuing unscripted entertainment show, i.e. reality game shows or talent searches with one final winner at the end of the season, the entire series should be entered (only one program entry fee will apply) but only two episodes of 120 minutes of total program time (whichever is less) should be designated for submission. Self contained, stand alone programs should be entered individually.

*The following rule applies to all documentary series entered in all documentary categories. Individual, self-contained (stand alone) programs within a documentary strand should be entered individually; a separate handling fee is required for each entry from the strand. A continuing documentary series should be entered in its entirety; but two episodes or 120 minutes of total program time (whichever is less) should be designated for consideration. Mini-series require all episodes to be submitted. For both continuing documentary series and mini series only one handling fee will be due. (Please contact us if further clarification is needed)

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